SLI Compliance®

SLI Compliance Ethics Statement

Our Core Purpose

SLI ComplianceSM aims to be trusted global compliance and quality experts relied upon by our clients - delivering world class customer service and value that is unmatched. 

Our Core Standards 

For Our Culture: Our culture is built on transparency, ownership and accountability where our employees truly focus on what is best for SLI and its clients first. 

For Our Employees: We consistently invest in and develop our employee's expertise and skills in order to achieve the growth and advancement they need to reach both their, and SLI's, full potential .

Four Our Testing & Consultation Services: We continuously delivery THE best quality testing and consulting services with supreme accuracy while reducing time to market.  We do this through relentless innovation in our approach, processes and technology. 

For The Customers: We will always take the time to understand what our customers really need so that we can provide the value and quality necessary to reduce their risk while increasing their profitability. 

**We are committed to maintaining independence, impartiality and holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity.